Makin Made Mowing

Semi retired lawn and landscape professionals with over 18+ years experience.

Looking for 10 lawns to be mowed on Thursdays in the Baldwinsville, Clay and Liverpool area.

All mowing will be done with small walk behind mowers!  Why do you care? Small lighter mowers means no tearing of the lawn when you turn and it also means no ruts made in your lawn when the ground is softer (also smaller lines look better on a residential lawn but that’s just my opinion lol) . 
All fences, houses, landscape beds, etc. will be weedeated around and all driveways and walkways will have the grass removed to the edge and kept off walk/drive surface. Any drive/walkway and patios will be blown off when finished mowing. 
I have mowed hundreds of different lawns from smaller town homes to huge homer owner associations and commercial properties. 
Your lawn will come out beautiful when I’m done! 

Most lawns can be mowed for around $40-$50. Shoot me a message with your address and ill get you a quick quote!

Just click the orange message bubble in the lower right corner to message me using your favorite social media or text / call